Ultimate Guide to Select Substitute light bulb between Dual Beam and Single Beam Bulb

We get asked by our consumers at all times what's the difference in between a dual beam light bulb and also a single beam bulb. Is it a 9005 single or dual? Is it an H13 single or dual? Do I require a dual beam LED if I have a dual beam halogen?


And is the front lights dual beam or the light bulb? In this post, we're going to answer all those concerns. When you're attempting to pick the appropriate h4 led headlight kit for your application, a great deal of times it comes up which sort of bulb a single beam or dual beam.


The most essential point to bear in mind is the single beam or dual beam is referring to the number of filaments are inside your light bulb, not the headlights. This front lights housing makes use of a dual beam light bulb, this front lights housing utilizes two single front lights bulbs. I recognize that's sort of puzzling the single beam front lights has 2 light bulbs, the dual beam has one light bulb. But everything comes down to the light bulb, not the housing.


This is H4 halogen incandescent light bulb, extremely typical in various ford applications and also the Jeep Wrangler. This set light bulb has two filaments-- dual beam, this point does low beam of light and high beam based upon which filament or filaments are lit up. Now if we go to a H7 bulb, among one of the most usual single beam, reduced beam of light bulbs.


It has one filament, one filament-- single beam. So if you were to take your dual beam halogen bulb and also put it in a headlight, you're gon na see that you have one huge reflector, and inside it has one light bulb with two filaments. This light bulb does both low and high light beam, this is a dual beam front lights light bulb as well as the one big reflector makes it a dual beam housing. If you were to take your single filament-- single beam light bulb and placed it in something such as this one. You're going to require two light bulbs: the low beam of light is going to be one of the reflectors and also the high beam of light is going to be the other reflector. Also though it takes two light bulbs, this is a single beam housing because each light bulb produces one beam: low beam or high beam of light.